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Robot Rental Service Says Its Dolls Are ‘Very Clean’.

January 13th, 2020

A sex doll delivery service that rents incredibly lifelike ‘companions’ by the hour is rapidly expanding its operation.

Natrl Dolls, based in Calgary, Canada, only opened for business in November and has already identified enough demand to open a new branch in Vancouver.

The business was founded by two friends who had been made redundant from their jobs in the oil & gas industry and used their severance pay to buy an initial stock of eight sex dolls, and some anonymous-looking flight cases to transport them around in.

Unlike conventional bricks and mortar based sex doll brothels, Natrl Dolls brings the party to where its customers are.

The company’s website says that a session with the dolls starts at $149 an hour, a $180 “special” for three hours, or $249 for a whole night.

Each reservation requires a $100 fully-refundable security deposit and, for an additional $25, you can “keep her panties sprayed with love juice.”

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