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North Korea Threatens Electromagnetic Pulse Attack on US

September 29th, 2017

For decades, national security and intelligence officials, including former CIA Director James Woolsey, have warned that the United States was vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks that could cripple the nation’s power grid.

Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea have reached a fever pitch. North Korea continues to test its nuclear capability and threatens the U.S. with an EMP attack. But is the United States taking the North Korean threat seriously or is it even addressing it?

To ward off an EMP attack if it occurs, we need to consider who is responsible for protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure. Recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico have shown the vulnerability of the U.S.’s antiquated electrical systems.

In 2001, then-President George W. Bush announced a national energy plan that called for modernizing our crucial electrical infrastructure. But his plan died amid partisan warfare over the plan’s proposal to increase oil drilling in the United States.

National defense officials are supposedly tasked with protecting the critical infrastructure that affects the lives of millions of Americans. But they really don’t know what will happen or what can be done to prevent or safeguard the nation from an EMP attack.


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