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“Exclusive”……………..Clifton Collins Jr and Marilyn Manson

December 5th, 2015

See the stuff I have to put up with from these celebrities???

Playing around, having fun, and joking around while I’m trying to do perfect portraits of them. This job sucks! I’m going back to photographing apples and oranges in fruit bowls!!!

Seriously…..How much do I get to have? I get amazingly talented actors like Clifton and singers like Marilyn Manson who like to get together and have fun with me and my camera. These two have great energy in person and are funny as hell too. I would not have ingrained these two hanging out but I guess talent finds each other no matter where. 

Thank you guys for making me smile and making my night much more fun. 

Clifton Collins and Marilyn Manson
My Camera…..My Eyes

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