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Me Chasing A Guy On Video Who Likes To Use Words Of Hatred

January 12th, 2018

This is a video that I must describe and inform you of before you watch it…….

(Act 1)

The paparazzi are walking backwards (including me) and videotaping Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderamma leaving Craig’s restaurant (Great chocolate pizza BTW) in West Hollywood. The man known as “TONY A” from Costa Mesa begins verbally accosting the male paps and berating them. No big deal and hardly anything new for us in the pap community. No biggie…until he starts calling people “Faggots”. This is witnessed by ten plus paps and recorded on 4 video cameras. 

Now……Even I as a married male (to a female) take offense to that and it begins to anger me. I am in the heart of the gay neighborhood where I feel even as a “breeder’ that I have been welcomed by the gay community and feel as if I should do something about it. It hurts me inside to hear this person repeatedly say it because no one needs to be using that hatred especially in the epicenter of where every gay person deserves to be safe or anywhere else for that matter.

(Act 2)

I decide to use the power of my video camera and turn it on the male screaming the hatred and the video ensues. I’m not a perfect person nor am I a role model for anyone trust me there, but I hope that this video somehow reaches “Tony A’s” boss in Costa Mesa and he gets a lesson in humility.  

West Hollywood is a special place for a lot of men and women who save up and move here from all across the world to find themselves and be comfortable in their own skin and community that is designed mostly for them.

As a straight man I respect their community, appreciate all it brings and contributes to the city of Los Angeles, and hope that my actions tonight help Weho understand that (gay or straight) we all love it and will do our best to keep it a safe place and free of harm for those who live here.   

PS>>>>>>There is a second man in the video on the higher step smoking. He did not speak ill will towards anyone. 
Tony……Your own dinner mates are embarrassed of your actions. You could use this moment to grow up and issue an apology to the city that you are visiting. I hope you realize your actions and words were highly inappropriate and come to see the light. That way you don’t have to run out of a restaurant like a coward ever again.


The Video


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