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Bride ruins £12k wedding dress after detox drinks

August 7th, 2019

When a wedding’s good, it’s really good – magical, even.

When a wedding goes wrong, however, it can be messy and traumatic for everyone involved.

But you’d be hard-pressed to top this wedding disaster story which got just about as messy as it can get.

The culprit? The bride had been drinking “healthy” so-called detox shakes to banish last-minute bloating and they’d wreaked havoc on her digestive system on her actual big day.

The horror story was recounted on Reddit by the wedding planner who had assisted the bride both in the run-up and on the day.

“We were prepping to transition to the entrance of the bridal party, which would be followed immediately by first dance and cake cutting. During this, the dinner would be staged, so every aspect was being fairly

“A few moments later, my headset beeped on, and my assistant said ‘we have an issue’. It turns out that the bride had gambled on a fart and lost in a big way.”

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