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Bee swarm in Perth closes Murray Street, 20,000 insects estimated

October 12th, 2017

A swarm of bees has descended on one of Perth’s main city streets, with a number of shops closed as beekeepers try to manage the situation.

The bee swarm has been in the pedestrian mall since about lunchtime.

A beekeeper called in by the City of Perth estimated there were more than 20,000 bees in the swarm.

“It was the largest colony I’ve seen this season,” Mike Conway from Bivouac Beekeeping said.

“It was about 2 metres up the wall by a metre wide.”

Mr Conway said it was hard to say why the swarm chose that location.

“You would have to talk to the bees about that one,” he said.

“Looking for a home in the CBD is not too easy for them.

“I wouldn’t say it’s common but it does happen in the City of Perth.


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