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Justin Bieber on Melrose Shopping…………….

November 30th, 2016

Here he is girls……Enjoy!!!

So many young women ask me what it is like to see or photograph Justin Bieber. I tell them it doesn’t matter whether he is a sunrise or a pop singer to me. My only thing is to make sure the lighting is good and that my subject is captured in a flattering light. 

What’s Justin Like? He is extremely nice to me over the years actually. I find him to be amazing to his fans and I am lucky enough to have captured his nice acts towards them over the years. In fact…Today I thanked him for allowing me such great photos over the years of him . I thin he deserves a “Thank You” from time to time from the people who take a moment of his time. He seemed happy that I said that. It’s probably not often enough that someone says “Thank You” to him. 

Thanks for the photos again Justin and the fist bump. Sorry the other pap would not leave you alone though. Maybe its more beneficial for us to just do set-ups when you need some good pics taken and want to avoid the crazy and rude paps?  My e-mail is on the side of the website if you ever decide to……

Justin Bieber walking
My Camera…..My Eye

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