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Drunkorexia: A disturbing college binge drinking trend

October 14th, 2016

Drunkorexia is the name of a disturbing binge drinking trend sweeping college campuses. A person will skip meals, work out extra hard, take laxatives or vomit before drinking heavily.

Students say they are doing it in order to get drunk faster or avoid gaining weight, and researchers say one third of college students do it.

It’s a non-medical term that walks the line between an alcohol problem and an eating disorder.

Some North Dakota-area college students didn’t know the word, but do know people doing it.

Some said drunkorexia is common and they do it in order to get a cheaper, faster drunk. One student said most don’t drink causally, most drink to get black out drunk.

It’s a new drinking culture that some students say is scary.

“First time partiers or freshman don’t really know what it’s like, and then they kind of like, socialize themselves to thinking that’s OK and that’s acceptable,” said one student who didn’t want to be identified.

Researchers say surprisingly it affects just as many men as it does women. As many as 80 percent of heavy college drinkers are found to be either starving themselves, restricting calories or overexercising.

North Dakota State University is trying to create a new drinking culture in the community. Everyone is invited to a town hall meeting to talk about high risk drinking and drug use, and possible solutions.

That meeting will be held early next week.

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